The Importance of Experiential Marketing in the Outdoor Industry


Consumers in the outdoor industry push the boundaries of their limits and expectations. They demand that the brands they use and trust do the same.1

According to industry professionals, the #1 most successful marketing tactic is experiential marketing and events. Experiential marketing hones intimate engagements and direct sensory interaction for your audience, allowing a more personalized experience with your brand.  

Suppose experiential marketing activations aren’t in your current marketing strategy. In that case, you are missing a key element in enhancing your CX as experiential marketing strategies create meaningful impressions in a world saturated with many look-alikes and short attention spans.  

Gain Momentum and Make a Splash

Can you think of a scenario where two outdoor brands compared next to each other offer the same tangible benefit or service and position themselves as innovative industry leaders? Then, when given a choice, you’d likely align with the brand that you shared a unique experience with and were able to engage with in a personalized way. 

Marketing landscapes have changed -- as a business, you are not competing for customers with your direct competition, but you are now competing against your consumers' previous best experience.1

This need for direct engagement is why we have seen more brick-and-mortar retailers utilize experiential marketing tactics when engaging with their post-pandemic audience. Of course, consumers are already familiar with their stores and how they do business online, but adding value with tangible engagement further drives brand affinity and loyalty. 

Authentic interaction with immersive participation creates an environment of inclusive connections. In the outdoor industry, our associations, whether interpersonal or our connectivity to the natural world, fuel our passions and feed our relationships. 

Advancing from Conversation to Conversion 

What makes experiential marketing successful? 

The consumer tries your product before purchasing and becomes intertwined with the brand's story. Forging a mutual connection, these consumers feel more associated with the brand instead of simply being sold.

LifeStraw, which manufactures portable water filters for outdoor enthusiasts, sought out The Pineapple Agency to build an activation with their trade show booth that highlighted the uniqueness of their product in a live demonstration.  Demoing the product directly with consumers, they generated significant conversions and received instant feedback. In addition, creativity within the activation, like running water that consumers could interact with, generated a buzz that kept the booth full and consumers interacting with the product.

Not only does The Pineapple Agency create excitement around your brand, but we also produce impressions that stick, bringing award-winning sharable activations to life in the outdoor industry. 

Want to step up your game and take your marketing to the next level? The Pineapple Agency is here to create experiences that matter. By constantly pushing the boundaries with our unique flavor, we’ve seen many brands go from middle of the pack to frontrunner in no time. 

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